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submitted by Brigette M. - |Recommended: YesIt Is Nice Living Here. Office And Maintenance Staff Are Nice. — The fitness center needs attention as soon as possible because out of the five pieces of equipment two pieces have been broken since December 2023. One broken treadmill and broken eliptical machine. You have to wait hours to use the one working treadmill because one person could be using it for hours and there will be several people waiting to use it. They need to have circulation of air as well. No fan or air turns on at all. People could literally pass out from heat exhaustion. It was 85 on thermostat in there yesterday and it was cooler outside but we can't prop the door open to get air. The equipment should not have been broken this long but it has. If equipment is going to stay broken, they should remove it or replace it. The bathroom in fitness center is always locked which is not good either. You have to go all the way home just to use bathroom. Other than fitness center issues, its a nice place to live. Thank you
response from property -HI Bridgette, Thanks for your feedback. This helps us to improve our services. We are working on getting replacement fitness equipment. Our Service Team has been notified to turn the temperature down.
submitted by Cheyinne E. - |Recommended: YesOverall Good Place — The staff is very helpful any concerns that I have had they fixed what that could within a timely manner Quite for the most part Been her for a going on a year.
response from property -Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear you’ve enjoyed your stay. Thank you for taking the time to provide your honest feedback, and please let us know if there is anything else we can do to keep your experience here a positive one!
submitted by Brian H. - |Recommended: YesProperty — Check them out make them your new home 4sho
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to rate us, Brian! We appreciate your recommendation of Butler Ridge.
submitted by Nicole B. - |Recommended: NoDiscrimination - Unsafe Living Conditions — Where to begin Oh, I know. I have lived here more than a few years now and let me tell you, their glamorous setup is a big lie. First, they think they can make whatever rules against a legit Service Animal team. They go against the FHA and ask for additional paperwork that is not required by law. Even with my specialists writing well formal documented letterheads, it wasnt enough. The best part They dont ask little dogs to do this. An aggressive dog can live here for 3 months, with multiple complaints and they do nothing until you threaten to call the police. But if you have a legit Service Animal or dual if you qualify by law , then you have fun with their legal team- who also doesnt know the law. He likes to say that there are aggressive service animals which there are not. When asked if he knew the ADA, he just passed that by. He only knows these loopholes but they are not acceptable in the eyes of the law. Again, they denied me from having my Service Animal s for my multiple documented disabilities since 2021. This year they decided my formal announcement wasnt going to work. Front office staff decided to argue that there is certification and registration. There is not in the united states per ADA. Discrimination at its finest. Tenants I know have small SDs and they were never asked to fill out all this additional paperwork, invasive questions, breed discrimination, and behavior temperament certification from a random vet. The paperwork reserves them the right to judge you and deny your Service Animal for any reason they deem fit. I have a news flash for you, youre treading dangerous grounds by not following the FHA, ADA, and HUD. If thats not enough, lets add the constant water damage that happens because they cannot do their jobs. Walls cracked, separated, rotted, baseboards rotted, carpet rotted, havoc rotted They paint over everything, they rarely replace anything and you must beg and argue. Pests You should see how many spider webs live on the doors, the carpet stairs, and the mice that come out of a stove and cause a fire. This review has been a long long time coming. Ive contacted cooperate, but they dont care. They want their lawyer to silence and manipulate whatever he thinks he can. But according to my lawyer as well as the ADA, FHA, and DOJ- It is illegal to deny a Service Animal and I was told I would be evicted if I had my Service Animal with me and refused to give and sign additional paperwork apart from my legal given specialist letterhead stating my need for a Service Animal s , my diagnoses, the tasks performed. But no no, so here we are. Laundry room, no ventilation, mold growing on the ceiling. You should see the caked-on gunk in the detergent holders. It's so disgusting. Pet friendly You get some potty stations, but there's no park, no trails, nothing. They also randomly breed discriminate, so have fun with that mess. Mold, they just paint over. They paint over rotten wood and baseboards, and they leave rotten carpet if they dont feel it's worth replacing. This review is a long time coming. Worst company ever, a horrible team, can't wait to leave and never come back. To anyone who gets our unit, good luck. Ive never had pneumonia so much until Ive had to be exposed to constant mold. Many may not speak up because they fear retaliation, but I assure you it's illegal. As a resident, I have a right to express and review a business with honesty. And I am honestly disgusted with this place. My health has suffered, mental state is downright wrong but it's coming to an end. Time to leave. I am terminating my lease early because I refuse to live like this and pay for it.
response from property -Good morning, Nicole, Thanks so much for your feedback. I just joined the team as the Property Manager and appreciate your feedback. I would love to sit with you and talk about your concerns. Please let me know if you would like to meet. Sincerely, Charlotte
submitted by Kathryn H. - |Recommended: NoEverything Has Gone Down Hill — Butlerridge review When we first moved in here, it was fantastic. The staff was friendly, complaints were dealt with in a timely fashion with amazing communication. You never felt like you were bothering someone. Or had to do their job for them such as supervising their contractors. Everything was organized, and in order and there were no questions. You didnt have to fret about anything breaking, your unit flooding, maintenance doing their job, everything flowed. Fast forward to 2 years down the road and it all fell apart. The office staff is no longer easy to talk to, documents, records, organization, communication, it all went out the door. What they dont have, they blame the tenant- even if you have lived here for years If they switch staff, you best double-check their record books. Make sure all of your paperwork is in order. Their best office and staff left, and like my neighbors and I say, their star rating went with it . From asking for Service Dog Certification not knowing the ADA laws to random additional paperwork that was never needed before. To not even knowing the pets you paid for that reside on the property. One year youre all set and the next, youre getting questioned about a dog you've had on the lease your entire stay because they can't look it up or keep proper records so it all falls on you. Speaking of pets, the only thing pet friendly about this place is the pet potty stations. There's no park on the property for your dogs, there's no trail to walk or do anything. They have random breed issues so if you have a controversial breed, I'd recommend not even bringing them here. They want certification to prove your dogs are not aggressive, but they dont ask this for small breeds on the property. It's honestly been constant stress living here. You have to argue for anything to be fixed and they take months if not longer. After our unit flooded from a broken outside drainage system, they refused to replace the carpet. So that same discolored carpet is rotted, lift it up, and it's black. And I hope you dont hate bugs because their idea of pest control is a joke. We have massive wolf spiders all the time and mice. Our stove had a mouse, it caught fire, and they did nothing. I had to argue to get a new non-fece infested in the body of the oven, the tubes and places you can't get to unless it's taken apart . They sent the exterminator, but nothing changed. I was expected to clean out the stove area caked in feces after they moved it. Save yourself the money, you can get to a way better place than here. We regret living here, this complex is awful. From outdated appliances that run like they have sat in 10-year-old storage, to the landlord's special of everything is painted. Cracks They paint over. Damaged door frames, water damage, rotted boards, they paint them and move on. Their amenities are a joke, their laundry rooms are poorly kept, no proper ventilation, water, and a damaged ceiling that drips on you. The washers are hardly ever cleaned and you dont want to know the next level of nasty that we have pulled from the rubber lip before a load. Again, this place isnt worth it. Complaints are never responded to unless you have the pleasure of dealing with the lawyer team. It's a fun ride that they make you hop on. Oh and really read their lease, sit down and read it, especially the pet section. Understand that this place controls your guests, your life, your activities, and your neighbor's comfort level is everything. You cant do laundry in the amenity after a certain time- good luck to you day shifters. Gyms are closed, so no working out before bed. You pay them to dictate if you can have a friend spend the night for more than two weeks. Thats insane. Again, never again. Communication has been awful, they increase the rent every renewal, they add rules as they deem fit, and they play the blame game for their failure to know what work their contractors did. This place is about as pet friendly as a retirement home. You'll be up to your neck in high energy bills because of their outdated appliances. There are no cameras, mail gets stolen, and damages to your car happen and they waive all liability. Worst years of our life living here. Negative star rating.
response from property -Good morning, Kathryn- Thank you for your review. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us to improve our services. I am the new Property Manager and it is very important to me that we as a team try to solve your issues as quickly as possible. I would love to sit down and meet with you. I will be in the office next week if you would like to talk more. Thanks again and have a wonderful rest of your day.
submitted by Laura S. - |Recommended: YesNice Place — I really do like it here, but it’s an old building and the floor is ridiculously squeaky creaky with my neighbor above. So much so that it wakes me from a dead sleep every night. But beyond that the staff are delightful the grounds are clean and the apartments are cozy. So far it had been a good place to live
response from property -Good morning, Laura, Thanks so much for you kind words. I really appreciate your feedback as it helps to improve our services. Sincerely, Charlotte
submitted by Michelle B. - |Recommended: YesButler Ridge — I love it here. It’s very quiet and convenient to 795 695. Maintenance is responsive and the front office especially Tasia is wonderful, if it was for Tasia I wouldn’t be here.
response from property -Thank you for the great review, Michelle! We appreciate your kind words for our Leasing Specialist. Please let us know if there is anything more we can do for you.
submitted by Cierra D. - |Recommended: YesGreat Experience — I love living in Butlerridge Leasing Professional Tasia is amazing, very helpful tentative to tenants needs
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to rate our community, Cierra! Please let us know if there is anything more we can do to keep your experience a positive one.
submitted by Laronda G. - |Recommended: YesLove It Here..... — I definitely made the right choice moving here. It has been perfect. Maintenance is prompt and very professional. Tasia in the rental office has been amazing since I applied for my place. Very attentive and professional as well. I would definitely recommend moving here.
response from property -Thank you for the wonderful review, Laronda! We're glad to know how much you enjoy living here at Butler Ridge Apartments. Please let us know if there is anything more we can do to keep your experience a positive one.
submitted by Olasubomi A. - |Recommended: YesA Place To Live. — This apartment is a place to live have been in this apartment for almost two months now, the maintenance are quick in response, Tasan a very welcoming personal always ready to assists at any given time, the environment always kept clean the community is good for a family to live.Ola
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to rate us, Olasubomi! We are glad to know you've been satisfied with the service you receive from our maintenance team.
submitted by Onyedikachi O. - |Recommended: YesButler Ridge — This was a nice place and I do enjoy my apartment and the complex.
response from property -Thank you for the review of Butler Ridge! If there is anything we can do to keep your experience a positive one, please let us know.
submitted by Kimberly W. - |Recommended: NoCustomer Service Is Not As Good As Before — When I first moved here last June, everything was great. I loved my apartment. I received a warm welcome from Adelle, the leasing consultant. I was in love with the quiet neighborhood. Now almost a year later, everything has changed. Maintenance doesn't complete service requests in a timely manner like they did when I first moved in. My AC unit hasn't been working for over a week, and no one has communicated with me to let me know how long it's going to be before they will get it fixed. I live under tenants who allows their kids to run around all day and night. I hear someone riding a dirt bike in the parking lot when I get home from work. The only person who got things done has left the company, and it's a shame. I'm looking to move when my lease is up unless they can get things fixed in my apartment.
submitted by Charles H. - |Recommended: YesGreat Place To Live — I like the well maintained grounds,the quiet atmosphere, and the friendly, helpful staff.
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to rate our community, Charles! We are glad to know you're enjoying your experience at Butler Ridge. If there is anything more we can do to keep your experience a positive one, please let us know!
submitted by Hope P. - |Recommended: YesFamily Friendly — I called Butler Ridge during my apartment search and I talked to Adele. She provided excellent customer service. She answered all of my questions. I made my decision to rent here. The community is quiet and family friendly. The staff is great
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to rate our community! We are glad to know you've had a positive experience at Butler Ridge and appreciate your kind words for our team member.
submitted by Allana J. - |Recommended: YesLove It — I’ve been living here for almost a year and I love it. Adele is the most helpful person ever. Anything you need .. she got you All the staff are super friendly and respond to your needs in a timely manner. The apartments are nice and spacious. The grounds are always neat. It’s a safe and quiet neighborhood. It’s been the perfect first apartment.
response from property -Thank you for the great review, Allana! We appreciate your taking the time to provide feedback and share your kind words for our team. We are glad to know you've enjoyed your experience at Butler Ridge.